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About the Brands we Carry

What we consume to sustain our bodies reflects on the outside just as much as we can feel it on the inside. The quality of the ingredients as well as how they are combined plays a huge role in how the body will process and absorb nutrients.

Our digestive systems are critical, and they are the first stop for energy production. The ingredients we consume are crucial to how our bodies respond, utilize and distribute the nutrients we need to the body.

Our standards for the brands within our store are high; before bringing in a new brand we check a variety of factors including the location where the product is produced, the sourcing of the ingredients, the manufacturers integrity and presence in the pet industry.

We look for brands who use ethically sourced, high-quality fresh meats, fruits and vegetables.

We are committed to the health and happiness of your pet’s tummy. If we wouldn't feed it to our own pets it's not in our store. 

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